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Mount Xanadu Resort

Our name Xanadu has been inspired from two sources; one from the home of the investigative crime thriller book character Mandrake the Magician and the summer capital of Kublai Khan's Yuan Empire..

Xanadu is quite a name, right?

xanaduWonder how we got it? And more interestingly, what it all means.
Our name Xanadu has been inspired from two sources; one from the home of the investigative crime thriller book character Mandrake the Magician and the summer capital of Kublai Khan's Yuan Empire.
The life and magical escapades of Mandrake is quite famous and the characters that appear along with him in his stories.

There’s Lothar who is Mandrake’s best friend and companion. Then, there is Narda, a princess of Cockaigne which is a European nation.

Another character is Theron he headmaster of the College of Magic. At Mandrake’s home Xanadu, he has a chef named Hojo. He is Mandrake's chef at his home of Xanadu and the secret Chief of the international crimefighting organization Inter-Intel. Hence, he has used Mandrake's help in many instances.

The policeman named Bradley is another character who helps Mandrake with his crimefighting. There are other characters like Magnon, Lenore and Karma who all help Mandrake and Lothar occasionally in their crimefighting adventures.

Mandrake has several opponents as well. His most formidable and evil foe is the Cobra. There are other adversaries that Mandrake faces from time to time such as the Clay Camel or Saki, the Brass Monkey, Aleena the Enchantress, Ekardnam, the Deleter and Nitro Cain along with ‘8’ which is a crime organization that often gets the taste of Mandrake’s magic.
The name and the feel of the resort align with each other as it is reminiscent of the magician’s cave resonating well with the nature. It stays close to the pristine and nurturing personality of the nature in all its impeccable glory. A walk into our resort will sure feel like a travel through time to a place where nature was in its full magnificence and thriving.

If you think that is all what we have brought for you, wait till you begin exploring the resort deeper and better. We also have taken clues of the Xanadu, the summer capital of Kublai Khan's Yuan Empire to add further comfort and beauty to the resort.

Xanadu is built to be reminiscent of the unique Kerala architecture despite being a confluence of the Western and Kerala architectural style and elegance. The impeccable design of the resort is further made all the more impressive by the surrounding natural magnificence.

One can see expansive lakes on the way to the resort, decades old quarry and several water bodies that will certainly make it all the more exemplary.

In our efforts to create the best and most exemplary vacation and touring experience for all our clients, we have started building Xanadu about 12 years ago. We had to work really hard to build each building, amenities and other facilities to ensure smooth progress of the same. We also gathered the support of the several locals from the nearby colony. In our effort to pay the gratitude, we offer exceptional support to the residents of the colony. We provide them with vehicles for various hospital needs. We also support the education of the children of the colony as well.

We also offer excellent support to the Colony offering jobs, infrastructure development support and other amenities in the region.

In order to get water for the construction purpose, we relied on the waterfalls made by the rains during the monsoon on the Cheegeri Hills and created an extensive rainwater harvesting system to collect water whenever the rain gods bless us.

The grandeur of Xanadu is the result of a decade long strenuous and relentless train of endeavours. We are content at heart that years of our sweat and blood have become fruitful every single moment we lay our eyes on it.

We constantly support the social causes of charitable organizations like ‘Mercy Home’ at Anappara and many others. We have also bought ambulances to the nearby hospitals, and supported the education of several mentally challenged children.

Xanadu not only provides support to our clients but also treats our employees extremely well and as such, all the employees stay with us. The attrition of employees is next to zero here and even our oldest employees still work with us.

The quality of service delivered to our clients is made exemplary by our dedicated and committed staff.
The food at Xanadu is one of the best elements of our services. We combine natural ingredients to our cooking process making it elite and unique. We also have a farm where we bring vegetables from. As such the vegetables that we use are organic, healthy and extremely tasty.

We work extremely hard to ensure that all our guests get a feeling of being home at the lap of the nature away from their own home. It is not just scenery that you feel at Xanadu, with myriad of options for entertainment and park for children; this sure is a grand place to create vacation experience and memories that last for eons to come.

For us each customer is the most important person and we treat them like emperors at Xanadu.

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